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Why I'm Glad I Started Out As A Temp Hygienist

  Why I’m glad I started out as a temp hygienist (and why you should consider it too) Temping is a great way to establish your roots as an aspiring health-care practitioner, especially if you are a new dental hygiene graduate with minimal connections in a competitive market. The year was 2011. After four years of grueling studies, sleepless nights, and clinic hours that seemed to go on forever, I finally made it. I was finally a registered dental hygienist! I wore my RDH badge with pride and even posted it on social media for the whole world to see. There was only one problem. I didn’t have a job in line and the market for hygienists was bleak at best. I couldn’t help but feel envious of my friends who were fortunate enough to be offered a permanent position before they even graduated. This was when I decided that I needed to sign up with a local dental staffing agency. The process was simple. I reached out to the agency, sent them my resume and practice permits, and waited until I got

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