7 Questions to Ask in an Interview

1. What does a typical day at this company look like? 

The interview process is how employers get a first impression of you, as well as giving you more insight into a company’s structure. Figuring out the day-to-day responsibilities and inner workings of the business can give you a sense of what your work life may look like. 

2. What particular skill sets are you most looking for in an ideal candidate? 

It’s important to figure out what exactly your employer wants from the person in this role. This way, you can get a sense of what will be expected.

3. Are there career advancement opportunities? 

Showing interest in long-term growth within an organization can help you stand out, because most companies want to avoid employee turnover. 

4. What is the company culture like? 

Inquiring about a job’s culture can help inform you about the company values and work environment. Ask about how the different departments interact. 

5. What is your favorite part about working here? 

Remember, your interviewer is a potential future colleague. Asking them about their experiences can help show that you’re a curious and pleasant coworker. 

6. Who would I be most closely working with? 

Ask your interviewer about which departments you’ll have the most contact with. Get a sense of how collaborative the daily duties of the job are. 

7. Do I seem like a good candidate for this role? 

It’s a good idea to get a sense of why you’re being considered as a candidate, and what an ideal candidate for the role looks like. This can help to inform you how your specific skills and experience are valued, or if they’re just looking for anyone to fill the role.


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