40 Tiny But Nice Things You Can Do To Brightens Someone's Day

Looking to do something nice for someone? Look no further, here are 40 nice things you can do for a loved one or a stranger.

1. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line.

2. Pick up something someone dropped by you.

3. Holding the door for someone.

4. Lend a hand to someone who looks like they’re struggling.

5. Offer to do yard work for an elderly person.

6. Visit a nursing home and talk to someone who’s lonely.

7. Give extra coupons away.

8. Donate your clothes you no longer wear.

9. Say “thank you” more.

10. Smile at everyone you see.

11. If you see a parking meter about to expire put a quarter in it.
12. Don’t interrupt someone while they’re speaking.

13. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

14. Send letters to those in our military.

15. Donate your freebies.

16. Email someone who you haven’t talked to in a while who made a difference in your life.
17. Give someone a hug.

18. Bake cookies for your local police or fire stations.

19. Compliment a stranger.

20. Donate books you will no longer read.

21. Make cards for cancer patients.

22. Take your neighbor’s trash to the curb for them.

23. Read to children.

24. Let the person behind in line you go first.

25. Offer to take someone’s shift if you’re available.

26. Pass your morning paper to someone else that would enjoy reading it.

27. Donate used luggage to foster kids.

29. Make an extra lunch for a homeless person.

30. Ask someone how their day is going and genuinely listen to their response.

31. Help someone struggling to reach something on the top shelf.

32. Fix your neighbor a meal.

33. Donate blankets to a shelter.

35. Leave a nice note on someone’s car.

36. Do a chore that you know no one else wants to do.

37. Offer a ride to someone who doesn’t have a car.

38. Bring coffee and donuts to work.

39. Compliment a parent on their children.

40. Text someone you know is going through a hard time.

Thought Catalog - Becca Martin 


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